Countdown to Christmas interview with … Mel Sherratt

23 Dec

My final Countdown to Christmas guest is Mel Sherratt. I met Mel a couple of times this year at bookish events and not only is she a lovely lady with great taste in shoes and the blogger behind the brilliantly titled High Heels and Book Deals; she has also just released her debut novel, sexy crime thriller, Taunting the Dead. Mel has kindly agreed to let me turn the tables on her today and subject her to my festive questions! Welcome Mel.

You’ve just released your first novel (congratulations!); do you think you’d ever be tempted to write a Christmassy book or a novel set at Christmas?

Thank you, and thank you for having me as part of your Countdown to Christmas. Yes. I love Christmas and the romance of it all. I started writing written women’s fiction before I wrote crime thrillers and I’ve recently published another ebook under a pen name and it’s doing really well, selling over 4000 copies so far. The great thing about ebooks is that you can choose what and when you want to write. I’ll probably write one next year.

You are known for your love of high heels; what are your top tips for surviving the Christmas parties wearing killer heels?!

Gel cushions, definitely. And a pair of flat shoes to slip into for the journey home, if your handbag is big enough!

And following on from that do you have a special pair of Christmas heels you’d like to share with us?

For the party season, it has to be these. Comfort wise they are great, even though they are high. And they go with any little black dress.

What is or would be the best book-related Christmas gift that Santa could deliver to you?

Best book – This year it would be Belinda Bauer’s new book, out in January, FINDERS KEEPERS. I’ve really enjoyed her previous two.

Best book related – That would be a book deal with a mainstream publisher. Despite self publishing TAUNTING THE DEAD, it will always be my ultimate dream.

What is your favourite Christmas tradition?

I love the week between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day when the weather is cold and dark and I can snuggle up on my settee. For some reason, it seems okay any time that week to crack open the Baileys, grab a handful of chocolates and settle back with a good book. Bliss.

If you could spend Christmas anywhere, where would it be and what would you be reading?

I’ve never wanted to go away at Christmas. I prefer to stay at home. I love the hustle and bustle and, yes, the chance of snow. This year I shall be reading THE MURDER WALL by Mari Hannah, out next April. I’ve kept it especially for my Christmas tradition.

What is your favourite Christmassy film?

Home Alone – ‘keep the change you filthy animal!’

And finally … what can readers look forward to next from Mel Sherratt?

Hmm, that’s a tricky one. I’ve written six novels so far. Three of them are in a series called The Mitchell Estate. Predominantly, it’s for women lovers of crime – the tagline I use is real women, real problems, real crime.  I might bring those out as ebooks in the New Year. I also have two follow ups for my character, DS Allie Shenton, from TAUNTING THE DEAD. And a great idea for a psychological thriller. And maybe I might reveal my pen name too…

Merry Christmas!

Thanks Mel and Merry Christmas!

You can find out more about Mel and her books at:

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