Book review: Living With Feet Too Big for a Glass Slipper by Lynne Tapper

28 May

Welcome to the mythical kingdom of It Is What It Is, where everything is as it seems and people are the perfect performers in the game of life. In the year of 1212 B.R., Before Reason, the beautiful Princess Innocent is born in the Royal Borough of Look At Me, one of the many Drama Districts that constitute the Kingdom.Having been raised on the propaganda of the fairytale, Princess Innocent is ill-prepared for her life’s journey when she leaves the castle to find her one true prince. Unfortunately she finds Prince Badboy, Captain Unavailable, Lord Lie-A-Lot and Prince Rescue-Me, among others.Both a parody of the fairytale and modern-day satire on the search for love in all the weird and wacky places, Innocent’s fraught journey captures the essence of what it is to be fantastically human.A whimsical tale of magical realism that takes readers on a journey to a mythical Kingdom, Living with Feet Too Big for a Glass Slipper is the first of five in The It Is What It Is Chronicles.

I decided to read this book because it sounded as though it would be different to anything I’d read before and I love modern fairytales. Princess Innocent lives in a fairytale Kingdom populated by a whole host of princes, princesses, ladies, lords and no end of quirky and eccentric characters who are all very aptly named. At eighteen Innocent leaves home and goes out into the world of It Is What It is to make a life for herself. The book covers the next eleven years of her life as she looks for her One True Prince, encounters just about every dating disaster you could imagine, makes a lot of unsuitable friends (and the occasional good one), analyses her life a lot and finally learns to love herself.

Living With Feet Too Big For a Glass Slipper is very much a satirical take on both fairy-tales and modern life; part self help manual, part comedy romance, it’s a fun read with a huge cast. With characters such as Prince Bad Boy, Captain Unavailable, Lord Lie-A-Lot, Countess Confidence and Princess True readers will no doubt recognise elements of themselves, their friends and possibly even some disasterous dates! Each character is the focus of a chapter in Innocent’s life and a few do crop up more than once during the book but for me there were too just many characters to keep track of and by the second half of the novel my head was spinning!

The story moves at a fair pace as Innocent moves from Prince to Prince, tries to find a job, focuses on friendships instead of love and even tries therapy and self help manuals to help her find her true calling and the man of her dreams. At 260 pages, Lynne Tapper has certainly packed a lot in to this novel and the underlying message is appealing; love yourself before anyone will love you. Innocent’s adventures made me smile but I would have liked to have seen more development of fewer characters and a more involved story line; despite the whole book being about Innocent I didn’t really feel like I knew her at all at the end of it. After a promising start, I was disappointed that there wasn’t just a little more magic in this story.


Living With Feet Too Big For a Glass Slipper is the first in a five book series the Is What It Is Chronicles, the next of which will focus on Prince Rescue Me. You can find out more about Lynn and her books at:

I’d like to thank Felicity at Midas for sending me a copy of this book to review.

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  1. Sharon Goodwin 28th May 2011 at 3:01 pm #

    When I read the synopsis I thought it sounded like a fun read. A good book for me is one where the lead characters and even periphery characters are developed and grow – so I think I will give this a miss. I don’t really read sequels (unless it’s Sci-fantasy but even then get bored if it goes over the same ground too much) so that’s another no-no for me.

    Loved your review. Thank you!

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