Guest post: Kit Blackhart’s New Year Resolutions by Liz de Jager

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Today is publication day for the eagerly awaited final book in the Blackhart Legacy by Liz de Jager and in celebration I’ve managed to raid Kit’s inbox to find out what her New Year resolutions are!


 To: Aiden Garrett Pain In My Ass

From: Kit Blackhart Sunshine And Light And Queen Of All She Surveys

Date: 31st December

Subject Line:  Kit’s NY Resolutions


Fine, Aide, here are my resolutions for the new year, for what they’re worth.


  • Punch less people. Unless they deserve it.
  • Exercise – more cardio is important.
  • Help Kyle by doing more research on own cases, but also others’ jobs. Must become more proactive and not just be the bully with the sword. <- Marc’s exact words to me. I think studying in Exeter is giving him airs and graces.
  • Visit New York and help Megan and Uncle Andrew work with the US branch of the Spook Squad. Maybe take Dante with. Get an invite to meet the Fae in the US.  
  • Start teaching Dante more about the Otherwhere and the politics so his head doesn’t get separated from his body sooner than he’d like. Not sure he would survive without lessons.  The guy is cute and clueless but at least he learns fast.
  • Catch up on things in the Otherwhere.  Do more training with Crow and ask him to help me with my magic. I’m not feeling balanced.
  • Actually have down-time. Go dancing again. At the new incarnation of Milton’s maybe.  Or one of Leo’s dad’s clubs.  That would be fun.  Try acting and being normal for a bit.
  • Stop pining after a certain faerie prince.  Pnining is never a good look on anyone, especially not a Blackhart.
  • Actually try and sleep for longer than 3 hours a night. Stop dreaming completely.
  • I can’t think of any other resolutions. Why am I even doing this? Aiden, I am going to kill you. I’ve wasted over an hour doing this.


To: Kit Blackhart Sunshine And Light And Queen Of All She Surveys

From: Aiden Garrett Pain In My Ass

Date: 31st December

Subject Line: Re:  Kit’s NY Resolutions


Shut up Blackhart, this is a good list. It gives you something to focus on.


I’ve added a few for you to consider.


  • Kiss more boys when you go dancing.  Or girls.  
  • Take more selfies.
  • Hang out more.
  • Learn to actually cook food so you can feed yourself and your cousin.
  • Talk to me. I’m one of the good guys.  Then if not me, talk to Dante. We miss you, sparky.


9781447247708Judged, the final book in the Blackhart Trilogy is out today in paperback and ebook formats!

Find out more about Liz and her writing at:

A Blackhart’s Duty:
Never give up and never look back

There’s never a dull day on Kit’s watch, as her job involves solving crimes – the supernatural kind. She’s up against it as Glow, a Fae-created drug, goes viral. Kit, Aiden and Dante must somehow shut down the suppliers before people get badly hurt.

In the Otherwhere, Fae prince Thorn stumbles across a deadly secret. The Veil separating our human world from the Fae realms is weakening. If it fails, madness and chaos will devastate both lands – so Thorn turns to Kit for help.

Torn between the Glow case and her feelings for Thorn, Kit faces terrible choices. She and Thorn must use their powers to avert disaster, whatever the cost: for failure will shatter two worlds.

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