Guest post: My Top 1980s Films by Victoria Van Tiem

13 Jan

I’m delighted to welcome Victoria Van Tiem to One More Page today to celebrate the release of her latest novel, Holding Out For A Hero. Victoria is an artist, gallery owner and a former creative director, with a background in marketing and brand development. Just like Libby in Holding out for a Hero, she is obsessed with the 1980s. Victoria is a huge film fan (you should check out her debut, Love Like the Movies if you haven’t already) and joins us today to share her favourite movies from the 1980s.  Welcome Victoria!

VVTThe 80s may have been the worst for fashion, but in music and movies, it holds a top spot in history.

But why? I think it’s because the movies of that time hold a true optimism. Many of today’s films are so dark and disturbing, aren’t they? While films of 80s had their share of dysfunction… Andi, Molly Ringwald’s character, in ‘Pretty in Pink’ had an absent mother and a father who struggled to accept she’d left. Cameron, in ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’, had an overbearing father who bullied him. In ‘Footloose’, an entire town was grieving. In all, the deeper context was buried under a fun and quirky premise with characters we could get behind and root for. And there was always an authentic feeling of genuine hope. It didn’t matter if Duckie got the girl, or if Wendy in ‘St. Elmo’s Fire’ snagged Billy, we knew they’d be OK in the end. Maybe that’s why 80s film stays with us? A happily ever after . . .

My Top 5 80s films in no particular order:

  1. Ferris Bueller’s Day off
  2. The Breakfast Club
  3. Pretty in Pink80s movies (1)
  4. Sixteen Candles
  5. Footloose

Okay I can’t do a top 5! What about…

  1. Dirty Dancing
  2. Elmo’s Fire
  3. You’ve Got Mail
  4. When Harry Met Sally
  5. Sleepless in Seattle

John Hughes wrote almost all of my top favorites. He owned the 80s. (And the 90s under a pen name) And of course Nora Ephron penned three of the all-time greats. Oh, wait I forgot about these…

Honorable mentions:

  • Top Gun
  • Back to the Future
  • Big
  • Stand By Me
  • Flashdance
  • Some kind of Wonderful

What others am I forgetting?

I hope Libby’s antics make you smile and laugh, and her bittersweet bumpy road in love and life touches your heart as it has mine.

Victoria xo

HERO (1)

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