Extract and giveaway: Wild Games by Mila Rossi

10 Jan

I’ve got an exciting extract and giveaway for you today from author Mila Rossi. Mila is a contemporary romance author. She creates heroines who stand up for themselves and insist on freedom and independence. Mila has seen the world and loves to write about it. She also loves to paint vintage anime characters, belly dance, try new foods and perfect her archery skills. She wishes she could partake in extreme sports but only allows her characters to tempt fate. Her own chances of causing disasters are just too high. Mila also writes historical romance under the name Alice Lake. You can find out more about Mila and her writing at: http://www.milarossi.com/

Mila’s latest novel, Wild Games is out now in ebook formats. Read on for an extract and a chance to win a copy!

wild gamesShe couldn’t help from looking at his naked torso standing before her. Oh, for heaven’s sake! Why did she give him the satisfaction of looking?

“There is nothing to talk about,” she said once their eyes locked again. “Just keep your shirt on please.”

“Why?” he wanted to know.

Why? What the heck was she supposed to say? “Because it’s not decent.”

He barked with laughter. “I don’t give a rat’s ass about decency.”

“That much is obvious,” she said dryly. “But since you’re living with me, a woman, you might want to give decency a shot.”

“You’re not the first woman I shared a room with,” he started to say.

“Well, that’s not a surprise,” she mumbled. “And we’re not sharing a room, we’re sharing a house.”

“Whatever. The others didn’t have problems with my decency.”

Oh brother. This conversation was going nowhere.

“Well, I do. I need you to put your clothes on, keep them on and stay out of my way. Every time I try to focus, you’re distracting me and it’s getting annoying.”

His eyebrows shot up. “I’m pissing you off?”

“Yes,” she said before she could bite her tongue.

“Guess what? The feeling is mutual. You’ve been nothing but trouble since we got here.”

He was only a couple of feet away from her, but she didn’t care about the nearness. Now she was starting to get annoyed.

“I don’t see what I have done to make your job harder,” she said.

He let out a fake laugh. “It’s no smooth sailing keeping an eye on you, believe me.”

“As I’ve told you before, Mr. Ritter, you don’t need to keep an eye on me. I’m perfectly fine keeping an eye on myself.”

The nerve of that man to say she was difficult. Besides twisting her ankle, she had done nothing else to be an inconvenience to anyone. He, on the other hand, seemed to get some perverse pleasure out of torturing her.

“Whatever you say, sweet cheeks.”

“Stop calling me that!” The nicknames alone drove her crazy.

“Listen, lady. We are stuck together in this jungle and this hut, whether you like it or not,“ he said, taking a step forward. She resisted the urge to step back and insinuate that she was intimidated. She wasn’t. She just didn’t want to stare into his now angry eyes.

“You’re welcome to go sleep out there with the jungle cats,” he continued, “but I doubt you’ll wanna do that. So do us both a favor and calm down. You’re much safer with me here than out on your own. I’m not gonna bite and I keep my hands to myself.” He held up his hands as if to prove that they weren’t doing anything mischievous behind his back.

“Now, are you going to act like a normal person and give me some peace, or do I have to throw you over my shoulder and lock you in your room?” At this point, he was right up in her face.

At the mention of being thrown over his shoulder, she flinched and took a step back. “I thought you’d keep your hands to yourself.“

“I will as long as you don’t provoke me.”

She gulped. She’d definitely not provoke him.

“Are you calm now?” he asked, still much too close. His hazel eyes looked broodingly at her and his skin glistened with perspiration. Damn her for finding that arousing.

“Well?” he asked, raising his eyebrows.

She stared at his mouth, surrounded by the stubble along his jawline. Whatever he’d asked her slipped her mind.

“Are you calm?” he repeated, his voice quieter and raspier than before. His gaze covered every inch of her face and she could only imagine what she looked like from the blasted heat.

“I’m calm,” she responded in a mere whisper. Her heart wasn’t. It was pumping a million times a minute.

Mila has kindly given me two ebook copies of the book to give away to lucky readers.

To enter this giveaway just leave a comment in the box below telling me why you’d like to win and I’ll draw two winners using Random.org after the closing date.

This giveaway is open worldwide and will close at midnight on Friday 15th January.

Good luck!

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