Guest post: What I bring to my stories by Lorraine Wilson

27 Oct

Today I’m delighted to welcome Lorraine Wilson back to One More Page with a guest post about how her own experiences influenced her new novel, The Art of Seduction. I’m a huge fan of Lorraine’s Chalet Girl series for HarperImpulse and am really looking forward to reading her new full length novel. Welcome Lorraine!
Recently I was lucky enough to meet Marian Keyes at the Cheltenham Literary Festival after attending her talk. She’s always been one of my favourite authors so I was thrilled to discover how lovely she is in person. She was charming, funny and inspiring. She made everyone feel she’d love nothing more than to sit down and have a cup of tea and a chat with them. One of the things she said that struck me was how lucky she’d been to have so many disasters and suffer depression because it gave her lots to bring to her stories!


That made me think about what I’ve brought to The Art of Seduction, my latest novel. Despite the title (a play on words because the hero is an artist) it’s not so much a story about sex as about connection. Both Laura and Jack had an expat childhood but reacted to it in different ways. Jack refuses to become too attached to anything or anyone because he knows how transient life can be. Laura on the other hand longs to settle down, to have a proper home and to belong somewhere.


What they both really need is to be brave enough to forge a connection and let go of beliefs that are holding them back. For them, sex is a doorway to experiencing a connection worth changing for. For Laura, sex with Jack is especially empowering.


I had an expat childhood myself so writing about home, identity and belonging was especially poignant. Also, somewhat ironically, I was once approached in the National Gallery by an artist who wanted to paint me. I declined as I was in a relationship and suspected he wanted to do more than just paint me but I was very flattered.


Some of the story comes entirely from imagination though. I’ll leave you to decide which bits those are ;-)
art of seduction


The Art of Seduction is out now in ebook formats:
Laura Baker has a plan. She’s going to make Jack McClaren, bad boy of the art world, face up to his responsibilities. Jack has a plan, to track down his elusive creative spark. When Laura ambushes him he’s found it.  Now to light the fuse, sit back and enjoy the fireworks…


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