Author event: When Amanda met Candace Bushnell!

5 Oct

FullSizeRender (3)Last week I was very lucky to be invited to a special lunchtime Q&A session with Candace Bushnell. Aside from being a huge fan of Candace’s most famous creation Sex and the City, I’ve also read all of her other novels and I love her stories so it was a very special treat indeed to be able to meet her in person and listen to her speak about her writing and her latest novel, Killing Monica.

In the suitably swish surroundings of the Condé Nast College of Fashion and Design in London’s Soho, Candace was interviewed about her books, her writing and her career to date. From starting writing at 15 to moving to New York at 19 and getting her big break writing the Sex and the City column at 34, Candace has so many stories to tell and it was wonderful to her anecdotes first hand. Her love for her ‘home’ city of New York is clear and I was fascinated to hear that my favourite of her books, One Fifth Avenue is about how the city defines the people who live in it and that Candace says New York never really changes.

It’s clear to me that there’s a lot of Candace in her most famous character Carrie Bradshaw but unlike the protagonist of her new novel, Killing Monica Candace insists that she has no desire to be rid of her most famous creation! Killing Monica tells the story of P. J. Wallis, an author whose creation, Monica has become too big for her to cope with and is blurring the lines between reality and fiction but Candace says that in a wider sense the theme of the book is about self reinvention and taking stock at different points in your life.killing monica

Moving on to wider topics Candace also had some excellent advice about how we might see our careers in terms of a relationship with ourselves – and it’s not always going to go smoothly! As the questions were opened to the audience there was an expectant hush as the possibility of a third Sex and the City film was raised. Candace admitted that she’d love to see the characters return to the big screen but thinks its now unlikely that a third movie will happen. The good news is that she has plenty more books planned starting with a Young Adult novel that will be her next release.

I thoroughly enjoyed my meeting with Candace and look forward to reading Killing Monica very soon.

Killing Monica is out now in hardback and ebook formats from Little Brown.

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