Author Interview: Kerry Wilkinson

13 May

The Renegade blog tour is stopping off at One More Page today with author Kerry Wilkinson in the hot seat to answer questions about the Silver Blackthorn Trilogy. Kerry is a number one Amazon bestseller for his Jessica Daniels crime series for adults. Renegade is the second  book in his young adult  sci-fi/fantasy trilogy and is a fantastic read (look out for my review later in the week!). You can find out more about Kerry and his books at:  Welcome Kerry!

Kerry_Wilkinson1-963x1024Renegade, the second novel in the Silver Blackthorn trilogy has just been released; please could you tell us a little about it?

It picks up an hour or so after Reckoning finishes. Silver and her friends have escaped the crazed clutches of the King – but what now? It’s a different kind of book to Reckoning in the sense that the first novel was largely set in the same place. It was supposed to the claustrophobic, about trying to get away. Renegade is more about consequences – and because Silver and co are out of the castle, there’s an entire country for them to explore.

How did you come up with the idea for the trilogy and did your ideas change as you wrote book two?

I started making notes for what turned out to be Reckoning while I was on holiday. I’ve got a minimal attention span, so sitting on a sunbed for more than about five minutes drives me bonkers. I never planned the series to be a trilogy. I wrote the first novel and realised that if I was going to take the story further, then it would end up being one very long book. Splitting it also allowed for the tonal change that happens between Reckoning and Renegade that I described above.

In the first novel, Silver takes the Reckoning and is designated a Member; which group do you think you’d be in if you took the test?

I’d probably be a tweener for Inter and Member. I’m not very establishment!

The series is set in an alternative future England with much of the action in book one situated in Windsor Castle; why did you choose this as a key location and how similar is Silver’s world to our own?

All the way back in my early notes, it was a teenage girl versus a mad king. If writing about a mad king in England, there needs to be a castle – and there’s none more famous than Windsor.

Silver’s world is a fair way removed from ours in the sense that travel and free movement is very difficult. People are hungry and democracy isn’t even a concept. There are still similarities, though. The characters are human, with emotions and feelings. Any story – whether set in the future or past – regardless of genre – has to be about people, not things. Silver’s world is a backdrop to her life and the lives of those around her – but that’s not really what Reckoning or Renegade is about. The novels are about her and the relationships she has with those around her.

Silver builds strong friendships during the book; do you have a favourite supporting character and if so why?

Faith took on a life of her own as I wrote Renegade. She’s one of my favourites in all my books – not just from the Silver trilogy.

I love Silver, she’s a great strong lead for the series but why did you choose to have a female lead and was it strange to write from a female perspective?

Writing from a female perspective has, for whatever reason, become my thing. I’ve got nine crime books – the Jessica Daniel series – with a lead female. I didn’t really plan it…it’s just what comes out…what feels right for the story. I have other novels with male leads, but they’re not out yet.

This is your first fantasy series but you also write crime novels; are there other genres you’d like to explore?renegade

Perhaps…but I don’t really think of it like that. I write about what interests me at the time. If that’s crime, it’s crime. If it’s fantasy, then I’ll work on that. If some other genre grabs me, then I’ll probably have a go at that. I never bother forcing things.

And finally… What can we expect next from Kerry Wilkinson? 

Childish tweets is pretty much a guarantee. After that, I have a crime hardback – Down Among The Dead Men – out in October, then another Jessica Daniel crime book in February 2016. Resurgence, the final part of Silver’s story, is out in May next year.

Thanks Kerry!

Renegade is out in paperback and ebook formats now.

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