Book review: The Keepers: Archer by Rae Rivers

21 Jun

‘Don’t ever look for me again, Archer.’
His mouth curled into a smile. ‘Game on.’

Central Park. Sienna Beckham is out jogging in the autumn sun, feeling almost ordinary. Trouble is, she’ll never be. She’s on the run from her life as a powerful witch and the three Keepers blood-bound to protect her.

Evil is hot on Sienna’s tail and Archer Bennett is searching for her, desperate to find her before they do. As one of her Keepers, he will fight to his death to defend her.

Sienna must return and defend her hometown, Rapid Falls – but she has to face the past and master her powers. And as forbidden feelings blossom between Sienna and Archer, will their love survive the ultimate war?

The Keepers: three strong and handsome warrior brothers, born to protect.

As soon as I saw the cover and read the synopsis for The Keepers: Archer, I was excited. I love paranormal romance and witch stories in particular so it went straight onto my ‘must read’ wish list.  I was also intrigued when I read that this was to be Rae Rivers first paranormal romance and what a debut it is! The Keepers: Archer is  a fast paced and action packed story with a strong element of forbidden romance that kept me glued to my Kindle as I read!

As the story opens we meet Sienna Beckham as she jogs in Central Park. To anyone watching she looks perfectly ordinary but within the first few pages she is attacked by a group of pretty nasty characters and as one of her Keepers, Archer dashes to her rescue, the real story of Sienna Beckham comes out. Sienna is a very powerful witch who has run from the death and destruction in her past to an anonymous life in New York but with the attack in Central Park she s forced to face up to her demons (both literal and metaphorical!) and to make contact with her family and Keepers for the first time in two years.

I loved how the story got straight into the plot and didn’t hang around and I thoroughly enjoyed the world that Rae Rivers has created. I’ve read quite a few witch-based stories over the last few years and haven’t encountered anything quite like The Keepers yet! I thought the idea of having the three very different but very strong brothers who are bound to Sienna to protect her was original and I loved the twist that one of them is in love with her. I was also very thankful that there was no hint of a love triangle in this book but that the romantic tension in the story comes from the fact that romantic relationships are forbidden between a witch and their ‘Keepers.’

At first glance I thought this book might be light on the mythology and focus on the relationship between Sienna and Archer but Rae has created a complex world with a lot of background detail and legend, the depth of which is revealed as the novel progresses. Yes, the relationship between Sienna and Archer adds spice to the novel but the story line is much more than that. Rae has built a fascinating world around the town of Rapid Falls and I’m looking forward to getting to know more about some of the other characters that live there in future novels. The ending to the story is as dramatic as its opening and although this book does conclude one strand of the story nicely, it’s clear that there is so much more to come!

I’m already looking forward to getting to know the other Bennet brothers better in books two and three of this series. If you enjoyed Gabriella Pierce’s 666 Park Avenue series then this might just be the next book for you!


The Keepers: Archer is out now in ebook formats and I’d like to thank HarperImpulse for providing a review copy of this book via Netgalley.

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  1. Alexa Y. 21st June 2013 at 10:33 pm #

    I haven’t read very many paranormal romances, but you have me completely intrigued by this one. I do like witch books; witches are one of the paranormal things I can definitely read about, as I find them fascinating. I’ll have to check this out!

    • Rae Rivers 26th June 2013 at 2:12 pm #

      Thanks, Alexa. Hope that you enjoy the book! Happy reading!

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