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Book review: Dreamday Pattern Journals – Kyoto and Marrakesh by Laurence King Publishing

26 Jul

Something new on the blog today; my first notebooks/journals reviews! As many of my fellow bloggers will no doubt testify, a love of books and blogging often comes with a love of beautiful notebooks and stationery. I for one get very excited about diaries, journals, calenders and all sorts of pretty paper-based products that just make life althogether more lovely!

Dreamday pattern journals

I recently added colouring books to the list too and have discovered a new love for sitting down with my pencils and spending a blissful hour (if I’m really lucky) colouring and listening to an audiobook! It’s such a perfect escape and if you haven’t tried it you really should. And this is where my review for today comes in. The Dreamday Pattern Journals by Laurence King are gorgeous, top quality notebooks and colouring books in one perfectly pretty package. Both practical and indulgent, these journals are a grown up treat to be treasured and I love how they inspired my creativity.

6 pattern

Each notebook contains over 100 pages of uncoated ivory paper intertwined with intricately patterned colouring pages, each inspired by an iconic design location. Laurence King has released six journals in the series so far;  Mid-Century Modern – Scandinavian Design, Art Deco – Manhattan, Heraldic – Paris, Renaissance – Florence and two new journals released last week Marrakech – Moroccan Style and Kyoto – Japanese Style. I was lucky enough to recieve copies of Marrakech and Kyoto and have been happily colouring the beautiful patterns in both – you can see some of my efforts in the images on this post.


The Kyoto notebook has a lovely cherry-blossom pink cover and classic Japanese leaf-and-wave colouring designs. I love both journals but the Marrakesh-style is, I will admit, my favourite – the blues of the cover colours and mosaic pattern is so eye-catching and features all of my favourite colours. The geometrc patterns inside really appealed to me too. I recently completed a mindfulness course and it made me very conscious of the importance of taking time out to switch focus and appreciate the little things. Being creative and getting back to basics with paper and pencils is just one of the ways I’ve been switiching off and relaxing and I can’t recommend it highly enough for the way that it has helped me cope with some of life’s stresses!


The combiation of a place for thoughts and notes together with doodles and designs makes these journals a winner for me. I’ll definitely be buying more as gifts and will look forward to adding to my collection soon!


Kyoto and Marrakesh Dreamday Pattern Journals are out now from Laurence King publishing.

I’d like to thank the publisher for providing review copies of these journals.